Top of the Hill Brewery

Pull up a seat and enjoy the handcrafted beers of Top of the Hill Brewery.

After opening our doors in 1996, Top of the Hill’s brewery is now the 8th oldest surviving brewery in North Carolina. Three beers are maintained on tap year-round — the Kenan Lager, Old Well White and Ram’s Head IPA — while three other taps rotate styles. These vary between a total of approximately 20 beer styles being brewed every year out of 60 recipes that have been created since 1996.

Despite being a relatively small brewery, our beers have won 100 medals at regional and international competitions, and the brewery is recognized by the World Encyclopedia of Beer as one of the best breweries in the U.S.

Top of the Hill has won over 20 medals at the World Championship of Beer, including “Best in Style” at the World Championship of Beer for the Blueridge Blueberry Wheat (2010), Singleton Ale (2013) and Ram’s Head IPA (2013). Although our specialty is English style ales, our Kenan Lager was rated higher than Miller, Budweiser, Foster’s, Kirin, Amstel, Michelob, Dos Equis, Pacifico, Pete’s Summer Ale and Moosehead, in blind competition.

We’re also proud to be the first establishment in the South to have a full-time cask-conditioned ale program on premise. Come to our Back Bar to have a pint of “real ale.” But as we all know, the best pub experiences aren’t just about the beer. You need good company, too. Don’t worry, we’ve won “Best Bartender in the Triangle” three times and “Best Place to People watch while drinking a beer” twice.